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MECH 2430-Thermodynamics

MECH 2430|Fall 2020

This course handles the basic concepts of thermal energy conversion and transfer. Dual use of S.I. and English engineering units are employed in order to understand gas laws, fluid processes, first and second laws […]

MECH 2322- Engineering Materials & Composite

Dr. Akm Rahman
MECH 2322|Spring 2021

An introduction to atomic and molecular structure of materials and its effect on the physical and Mechanical properties of materials in engineering applications. Structure of materials and their applications. […]



Kieran Reichert
1121|Fall 2019

This is the Open Lab site for Kieran Reichert’s MW 8:30-9:45 section of ENG 1121 in the Fall 2019 semester. You will find the syllabus, readings, assignments, and any other information you may need here.