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Getting outstanding grades,learing new things in order to become a therapist


I am a human services major who’s goal is to become a therapist. Either a dancer therapist, family therapist,oro physical therapist. I am a highly dedicated individual who will stop at nothing in order to succeed. Me and bad grades don’t mix and i’m striving to get all A’s and maybe even become valedictorian of my graduating class.
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My name's Bianca Felicia LaSalle
oovoo: ChippySmiles<3

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This course will explore the various critical health and safety issues and problems affecting children and adolescents. Areas to be explored will include nutrition, personal hygiene, medical care, first aid and safety, CPR, mental health, HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, chronic and communicable diseases, sexuality and birth control.

English 1101, Sec. 5336: Writing Matters

English 1101, Sec. 5336: Writing Matters

This course is designed to develop your reading, writing, critical thinking, and basic research skills. Together we will read, analyze and discuss a range of prose texts that will serve as a basis for your own written work. Expressing ideas effectively in writing takes practice, so be prepared to write often in class, share your work with classmates, and engage in editing, drafting, and revising exercises. This is not a lecture course! We will use a workshop model. In fairness to the whole class, each class member must therefore do all assignments and be prepared to participate actively in class activities. As per CUNY guidelines, you should expect to spend a minimum of 6 study/preparation hours each week outside of class time. We meet T/F 10:00 – 11:15 in Namm 1004. Image credit: burtonwwod & holmes. Composition 2.05. Photo. 2010. Web. 23 Jan. 2012.

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