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ARTH1100 TU/TH History of Photography F2017

Sandra Cheng
Humanities|ARTH1100|Fall 2017

”A creator needs only one enthusiast to justify him.” — Man Ray This course surveys the history of photography from its beginnings in the early nineteenth century to the present. We will examine the use of p […]


Communication D...|COMD 3530|Spring 2017

This course will explore studio photography as a means to communicate ideas. Students will learn to use lighting to transform subject matter into metaphor, mood and meaning as well as how to develop visual […]

COMD2327 Typography 2

Jenna Lucente
Communication D...|COMD2327|Spring 2015

Design superstars at Citytech learning how to use Typography to create effective design and communications

ADV1100, D108, LEC29096, Graph Principles 1, FA14

Communication D...|ADV1100|Fall 2014

ADV1100 D108 LEC29096 Private: Faculty: Stanford Brent ADV1100 | Advertising Design and Graphic Arts | Fall 2014 This basic, hands-on, mostly traditional-material design and color theory course explores […]