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ComD1100 Graphic Design Principles 1fa2015

ComD1100 Graphic Design Principles 1fa2015

The study and use of graphic communication tools through understanding graphic elements and principles geared to the development of sensitivity to the nature of graphic relationships and their control within a given framework. Finding solutions to problems of abstract, conceptual, expressive and applied character, with increasing awareness of the range of properties of black and white and color. Identifying the characteristics, physical properties and psychological effects of black and white and of color for visual expression and practical graphic application. photo credit: NASA

ENG1101 D380 College Composition I, FA2015

ENG1101 D380 College Composition I, FA2015

City Tech’s ENG 1101, English Composition I course prepares you for the kinds of communication, research, and literacies that you will develop and use throughout your academic and professional careers. You might ask, “How does it do this?” Fundamentally, it develops your understanding, application, and critical awareness of these two concepts: 1) Communication is rhetorical, and 2) Communication is multimodal, or WOVEN (written, oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal). This course introduces these concepts to you through lectures, activities, and projects. You will build on what you learn now in all of your other coursework and your professional life. Each ENG 1101 class is unique, because while each one has the same basic outcomes, each is taught by an instructor with his or her own research and pedagogical approach. In our class, we will use the interdisciplinary field of the neurosciences as a way to focus our conversations and projects. Of course, communication is about the transference of information via the senses and processed by each audience member’s brain. In addition, the brain and its embodied perception systems define how we are most receptive to receiving communications, thinking about communications, and being persuaded by communications. Furthermore, digital communication and computing technologies are essential to communication, which you need to master. However, we will study how to use these tools with a critical eye toward the effect of these technologies on the way we think and communicate with one another.

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