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My name is Angel Crespi, I am 20 Years old. I currently attend City Tech which is located in downtown Brooklyn for Advertising Design; hoping to earn my way up into the artist world. I am currently an unknown artist and I take much pride in my work. My life goal is to share my art work outside my circle and venture out. Becoming a graphic designer is just a stepping stone fin my pursuit of becoming a well known artist.

Just a little about my art I like the use of dark colors because it resemble how I view the world. I constantly educate myself; learning new techniques and applying them to my own person style. I like the use of a variety of mediums because i believe that different mediums are better at establishing precise message, When an idea to draw something new randomly pops in my head, I am determined to draw the imagine that I in vision. Using each stroke to have it’s own unique representation. The reason for my art is because apart from being a natural calling I find that it is the easiest way of me conveying my deepest emotion. Overall, my art work says everything a person may need to know about me and I am committed to accomplish my goal. I believe that I have the talent and the courage to become one of the world best known artist.

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GRA1111 D308 Graphics Workshop SP2014

GRA1111 D308 Graphics Workshop SP2014

This course introduces students to core concepts in the graphic communications field including color theory, design and production terminology, reproduction processes, file formats and substrates. During the semester, students will complete three pages of their own ePortfolio web site. Lectures will provide students with a historical perspective of the graphic communications field as well as discussing current practices and future trends.

GRA 2330 Digital Photography

GRA 2330 Digital Photography

This course will explore the foundational concepts of light and exposure in photography. Students will develop visual literacy as well as framing and compositional skills. Students will become acquainted with a wide range of contemporary photographers and gain an understanding of how photographic style transforms subject matter into meaning. Using professional lighting equipment and cameras, the student will gain hands-on experience capturing digital images in the studio as well as on location. Students will also learn professional methods and software to manage, process and print digital images.

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