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Ethnic studies, psychology, musical theatre, art, and creative writing.


Anani Santos is an 19 year old Puerto Rican ex musical theatre major born and raised in Brooklyn. She is a strong advocate for equality and representation of POC of all genders, sexualities and sexual identities. She also has a passion for cosmetology and art, and practices both seriously in her free time.

Anani hopes to find her way back to the stage someday, while also becoming successful in every aspect possible. Being a performer, a chef, a makeup artist, an artist, and an entrepeneur for the advancement of POC in underprivileged areas may seem like a lot to tackle, but she’s not afraid to make her dreams come true.

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Essentials of Marketing, Fall 2018

Essentials of Marketing, Fall 2018

The course is an introductory survey of today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing and interactive global marketing environment. The course will introduce contemporary marketing philosophies and practices as they are used for the advertising, selling and distribution of goods through brick and mortar stores, the Internet, and other digital media. Effective marketing is all-important to the success or failure of any business venture, especially in the quickly evolving online environment of e-Business. All companies, and particularly e-Business leaders, spend significant percentages of their revenues on marketing to attract and retain loyal customers, sell merchandise of all kinds, and build brand awareness and recognition.

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