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Introduction to Literature I: Fiction

Introduction to Literature I: Fiction

We will begin the semester by exploring short stories and learning the elements of fiction, and then we will move on to read two recent longer texts that foreground the act of storytelling itself. In particular, we will look closely at the ways in which the narrators of these texts constantly revisit, revise, and re-imagine their stories, blurring the lines between fiction and fact, and re-shaping both the plots and themselves in the process.

ENGL2420 SF / Phys, SP2016

ENGL2420 SF / Phys, SP2016

This interdisciplinary course examines science fiction texts from a physics perspective, focusing on both the long and short-term ability of science fiction to inspire and give ethical boundaries to otherwise abstract modeling of theoretical physics. In turn, the course will also demonstrate how the field of physics historically informed the development of science fiction and culture. Significant themes and trends in the futuristic worlds of science fiction, such as space exploration and nanotechnology will be discussed alongside the ways that private industry, government, and global scientific communities approach the politics of envisioning the future.

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