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COMD3701 Design Studio, FA21

COMD3701 Design Studio, FA21

G. Garrastegui
COMD 3701|Fall 2021

This openly available model course contains course information, learning outcomes, suggested weekly topics and projects, video resources, quizzes, and more. It may be cloned and adapted by any faculty member […]

COMD Communication Design Internship Coordination Site


This site is designed to help you find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor such as an advertising agency, graphic […]

COMD4900 OL92 Internship Fall 2021 Goetz

COMD4900 OL92 Internship Fall 2021 Goetz

COMD4900|Fall 2021

Student is assigned to find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor. Approved Sites include advertising agencies, […]


Jody R. Rosen, Prof. Karen Goodlad, cstewart
HMGT 1101 HMGT 1102 ENG 1101|Fall 2021

This site is for the HMGT 1101 HMGT 1102 ENG 1101 First Year Learning Community in Fall 2021.

English 1101Co Mon/Wed

Caroline Chamberlin Hellman

Composition 1 + Coreq


Visakh Menon
COMD 2400|Fall 2020

In this course, students learn to refine their conceptual thinking, and the ability to apply design concepts across various media channels. This course challenges students to think and strategically apply campaign […]

City Tech 101

Prof. Karen Goodlad, ProfessorParuolo
Summer 2021

This workshop focuses on helping new students transition to college life, and specifically to City Tech. The workshop will enhance the New Student Connection with additional information, activities, and various […]


Michael Duddy, Jody R. Rosen
ARCH 1101; ENG 1101|Fall 2020

This is the First Year Learning Community bringing together ARCH 1101 and ENG 1101 in Fall 2020. ARCH 1101, Introduction to Architecture: Understanding architecture is achieved by developing a visual literacy […]

COMD2451 Web Design I, SP2020

COMD2451 Web Design I, SP2020

Noreen Whysel
2451|Spring 2020

Required for all associate level students, this capstone course is designed to showcase work done in previous courses. Focused on website design and development, topics include creative user interface design and […]

Ways of Seeing – FYLC Fall 2019

Jody R. Rosen, Jenna Spevack
ENG 1101 & COMD 1100|Fall 2019

Ways of Seeing: Adventures with Image & Text This Learning Community for COMD students taking COMD1100 & ENG1101 will include field trips, hands-on projects, and cross-sensory experiences to help you discover […]

ENG1101CO, English Composition I Co-Requisite, Spring 2020

ENG1101CO|Spring 2020

English 1101CO is a writing-intensive course designed to strengthen your composition skills. Writing a variety of essays, in addition to a research project, will help you develop skills such as building an […]

COMD1127 Type & Media, S2019

COMD1127 Type & Media, S2019

M. Genevieve Hitchings
COMD1127|Spring 2019

This is a foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a range of industry related applications from print to interactive. Students will be introduced to principles of type design and […]