Day07 6/10/2019

Hi class

How are you today? Did you enjoy the weekend?

As I discussed, we don’t have a lecture today. Instead, we will have only an exercise (EX7). I will put the EX in openlab around 2:30 today.

You can take the EX at home, so you don’t have to come to school today. But if you want to come to school, please use the club room, computer lab on the 2nd floor, library in Namm, if V511 is not open yet.

Dr. Masa Nakamura


8 thoughts on “Day07 6/10/2019”

  1. I enjoyed my weekend. I teach and lead these kids for a drum corps at my church and they performed very well. Spent time with some family, had a BBQ, listened to a lot of soca music, and made a little money Uber Eats. I hope D.C. went well for you.

  2. I’m doing good and yes I enjoyed my weekend. Met up with some friend that came up from D.C and we went to see a music concert and hanged out during the weekend.

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