16 thoughts on “Day04 6/5/2019”

  1. Hydraulic fluid. You can compress it and put a lot of power into it. I’m interested in it mainly because of accelerator coasters like Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka that use a hydraulic method to launch their trains.

  2. My favorite fluid is liquid. In particular, water is my favorite fluid. It is very essential to our lives. We must drink water in order to for our bodies to function properly. We must bath in water to keep clean. We can also have fun in water, like go swimming.

  3. My favorite “fluids” would be strawberry Nesquik powder, green tea, and air. I always loved to drink strawberry Nesquik as a kid and green tea has become my favorite drink in the past few years, and air is essential for life.

  4. My favorite type of fluid is water because with out it we would die and I drink a lot of it. For solid it would be salt because i love food and salt it the most widely used seasoning to give food flavor , and for gas it would be oxygen.

  5. Water is the source of our planet and ourselves.
    Gas, specifically oxygen. Keeps me, and the human race, alive.

  6. My favorite fluid is is antifreeze for liquid because it doesn’t evaporate and its use for cooling the system in a car.
    For gas I would have to say Helium because it helps inflate balloons and blimps.
    For solid I would have to say Ice because its cools my drinks from the heat.

  7. The most important fluid in my opinion in liquid state would have to be gasoline, because it is being used constantly through out the world. Fluid in gas state would have to be air which is essential for any type of life on earth and beyond. solid fluid such as thermoplastic powder can be recycled and reshaped as many time as possible, which is very helpful.

  8. my favourite liquid fluid wold be water. reason is because, when it comes down to most liquid, water is essential at many forms from energy to physical use to natural use and many more. with this it is said to be the basic need in everyday life.
    my favourite gas fluid would the natural atmosphere consisting of oxygen and the reason is that oxygen , according to research is one of the most important needs, but with some experiments could also become one of the most dangerous gasses.
    my favourite solid fluid would be the sand, especially at the dessert.

  9. My favorite liquid “fluid” is diesel fuel because it has a higher thermodynamic efficiency.
    My favorite solid “fluid” is gold because who doesn’t like gold.
    My favorite gas “fluid” is Oxygen because without it we wouldn’t be able to breath .

  10. Solid- Glass; takes various shape depending on where it is placed over a long period of time
    Liquid- Water; essential to life
    Gas- Oxygen; needed to survive

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