Day12: Today We have a take-home midterm exam from 11:30am to 2:00pm (Monday 6/17/2019)

Hi Class,

Today we will have a take-home midterm exam from 11:30am through 2pm. I will provide a word file or pdf around 11:30am. Please complete it and submit it by 2pm by email at or just put my mailbox if you are on campus.

Please visit this openlab site around 11:30am today.

Dr. Nakamura

Quiz01 (take-home) 6/10/2019

Hi Class,
This is the quiz01

You can take the quiz at home, so you don’t have to come to school today. But if you want to come to school, please use the club room, computer lab on the 2nd floor, library in Namm, if V511 is not open yet.

Submit all work to me ( send email to ) or leave it in my mailbox located in Mech Dept office by 2:00pm today.


Dr. Masa Nakamura