Day19 6/27/2019

Today is the last day of Mechanical Measurement. Thank you for attending the class. We covered Introduction to mechanical measurement, characteristics of instrument, and error in measurement as well as MATLAB practice and Lab work. How did you like the course? Do you have any feedback? I want to improve this course much more attractive. Your honest feedback would be appreciated.

12 thoughts on “Day19 6/27/2019

  1. I felt that the course moved a little slow for me. Maybe if we alternated a lab and a lecture it would moved quicker and we could have done more labs to better understand the lecture. Thank you for the class, I hope to have you again as a professor. Have a great summer!

  2. I thought the class was interesting. Learned a few new things i wasn’t aware of, went over some of my MATLAB skills. Still need to go over it more. saw of some of the material in this class relates to MECH 3501.

  3. The course was interesting, learned a lot about instruments. We were a little short on time for the class, I think it’ll be better to have class last a bit longer to fit in more of the lecture and have more time for labs. Overall, the class was good for the time we had. Thank you for the lectures, Prof Nakamura.

  4. I feel like the class was a bit self explanatory if you paid attention to the labs and the classwork. Nothing too crazy since some of it came from previous classes. The MATLAB portion of the class was a little confusing, but nonetheless, the professor helped us out. Enjoy the rest of your summer professor!!

  5. The course was good and interesting all throughout. The labs should of been a little more profound and interactive in my opinion to fully grasp the information we learned during the lectures, but overall the course was great.

  6. The class was very interesting , as we know nowadays, most of the equipments carry electronic devices such as sensors, etc…, and Robotics is part of our field. therefore as future engineers this is a must class.
    about improving this course, I suggest more practical labs.

  7. The class was intriguing, even though it was only 19 sessions, I learned a lot of new material and have a much better sense of mechanical measurements. The use of Matlab and physical sensors definitely kept my attention in class and the tests and exams were straightforward.
    Over all I enjoyed the class, and hope I pass with a good grade.
    Thank you.

  8. It was great. The only thing that was difficult is that a lot of things were squeezed into one in such a short time, but it’s understandable because it’s a summer course. I really like how you’re very interactive, like asking us how we’re doing and if we have questions. also that you took the time to practice and explain things with us. You’re also a very encouraging professor and it’s very well appreciated. Despite my lateness (I live in Long Island I apologize), I was actually looking forward to the class.

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