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The MIT Materials Research Laboratory and the Materials Research Science & Engineering Center sponsor a summer research internship program for rising junior and senior undergraduates in the science and engineering fields. We would be grateful if you would bring it to the attention of your students by posting or forwarding the attached flyer where your students will see it, or pass it on to an appropriate department for posting.
This challenging program brings promising students to MIT to learn and perform research in laboratories in a broad selection of materials science subfields. In addition to providing a stipend and round-trip travel expenses, we host presentations and group discussions on topics relevant to materials scientists, such as graduate school, careers in materials science, creating effective poster presentations, and management of intellectual property. At the conclusion of the program, the students present their individual research results at a poster session. The summer research internship, offered each year since 1983, affords students an invaluable experience in top-notch cutting edge research.
The summer scholars program is funded by the National Science Foundation REU program (grant number DMR-1419807). MIT is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
If we should update our mailing list with a different person at your school for future mailings about our summer research internship program, please let me know via email at


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Day15 12/20/2018

Are you ready for the last day?

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Day14 12/06/2018

How are you today?

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EX13_2 11/29/2018

The following table give data on the growth of a certain bacteria population with time. Fit an equation to these data.

Time (min),  Bactria (ppm)

1                           6

2                           13

3                           23

4                           33

5                           54

6                           83

7                           118

8                           156

9                           210

10                           282

11                           350

12                           440

13                           557

14                           685

15                           815

16                           990

17                           1170

18                           1350

19                           1575

20                           1830

1) Plot this data set
2) Draw a curve (time vs bacteria)) using regression.
a) linear fit,
b) quadratic fit,
c) cubic fit.
3) Calculate r2 for each fit and determine which fit has the highest coefficient of determination.

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EX13_1 11/29/2018

Estmation of Traffic Flow

The following data give the number of vehicles (in millions) crossing the Brooklyn Bridge each ear for 10 years. Fit a cubic polynomial to the data and use the fit to estimate the flow in the year of 2020.

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
2.1     3.4     4.5     5.3     6.2     6.6   6.8    7      7.4      7.8

1) Plot this data set
2) Draw a curve (Year  vs Vehicle flow (millions)) using regression.


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Day13 11/29/2018

How was Thanksgiving weekend?

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EX12 Hydraulic Resistance

Read the handout provided in the class.

1) Plot the data

2) Draw a curve (volume(cups) vs Fill time per cup (sec)) using regression.

3) print out the plot and submit it (don’t post here)


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Day12 11/15/2018

Showing now! How are you today? We will cover regression more today!!

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Plot this data set using regression (first-order)


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First order regression

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