46 thoughts on “Day07 3/23/2020

  1. even tho its a lock down the small isolation can drive people insane, being in the city due to the epidemic can drive people insane but if its possible to go to the country things can be better health wise. So far everything is good family wants to leave the city for the time being, but i found out someone i know has the virus.

  2. Good Morning Professor Nakamura! I’m doing fine today, yes I am online now. The instructional recess was well needed. I stayed home and rested and my family is doing okay as well. We are all hanging in there. How are you and your family doing Professor?

  3. Hi professor, the recess was good, I did stay home and everything is alright, I work for a school so I couldn’t go to work so mainly have been home. Overall me and my family are safe and good. How about you?

  4. I’m fine today, no one in my family is sick. About the online class today, I am waiting in the online Blackboard chatroom and there are only a few others there. Is class meant to start at 10am like normal, or was there a message sent out that I didn’t get somehow that the class will begin later or was cancelled?

  5. I am doing fine. The instructional recess last week was ok, I managed to catch up on some sleep. I stayed home for the most part, considering the fact that there wasn’t really much to do because most places closed down and the government ordered a curfew.

  6. Hi professor, I am doing fine. My family is good. My parents are essential workers so they still have work. But overall we are good. How are you professor.

  7. I am doing ok. trying to stay healthy. My wife has quarantined me (since I am at higher risk) I have not left the house and when I get packages from Amazon she wipes the boxes and everything in them with bleach. I make fun of her and think that she is overreacting but at the same time, I do what she asks because she is VERY stressed, about everything. We are lucky because we can both work from home but we are worried about a lot of our friends who are stuck home and can not make any money but still have bills to pay. Things are changing very quickly but on the brighter side, I have been able to work on some projects like building a 3D printer, updating my laser engraver. I just got a CNC router over winter break so I will now be able to set it up. So I am staying busy.

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