Today is the election day. Did you vote already? How are you today?

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13 Responses to Question10

  1. i have not voted yet, and i am doing well today

  2. Mark Mendez says:

    Didnt vote wont have the time to vote today

  3. Eraj Khan says:

    I voted already and I’m fine thank you

  4. Im good today and I plan to vote after class

  5. Tinu says:

    i am good. i am going after class to vote

  6. I voted and still enjoying the warm weather…

  7. I did not vote, i am doing great.

  8. Aneita says:

    I am well, I guess. Busy, and partially apathetic, but okay. I did not vote as of yet.

  9. Kayla Natal says:

    I voted!! Did you?
    And I am well, how are you Professor?

  10. yes, and I’m good thank you.

  11. No I haven’t and Im good today

  12. Hello professor. I cannot vote as there is an error on my voter registration that I never got around to fixing.

  13. PJulien says:

    I haven”t voted yet. I am doing just fine.

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