Did you enjoy Halloween last night? What is the similarity of Halloween and solid modeling? Did you seen any mechanical technologies applied in to Halloween events last night?

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  1. Aneita says:

    I as ill. Periods suck. That is all.

    I was unable to see similarities between Halloween and either Solid Modeling or Mechanical Engineering.

  2. Eraj Khan says:

    I was in class all day but the similarities I have noticed is that the Halloween decorations are probably created using programs like SolidWorks

  3. i enjoyed seeing the costumes people wore last night, i saw one costume of a mechanical dog head that when someone pressed on a button the mouth would open and the mask would bark

  4. The most impressive costume I seen last nite was a dark colored French Bulldog disguised as a spider It was pretty funny to watch it walk around…

  5. Robin says:

    I wish I could but unfortunately I was working. For Halloween costumes, you have to be creative, which also goes with solidworks.

  6. Ryan says:

    Halloween was great. The similarity between the two is that everyone tries to design their own unique costume that is suited for themselves. Some costumes are the same however with different added touches and tweaks, it changes the appearance of the design. No I didn’t see any technologies applied last night.

  7. I was working so I didnt get to participate in Halloween this year. Decorations and outfits are designed using CAD programs so I would say thats the relationship.

  8. Mark Mendez says:

    Fine and the technical parts of the decorations included in Halloween use 3-D computer integrated software to first design and test the electrical components of the tech.

  9. Kayla Natal says:

    I didn’t do anything, but I enjoyed seeing other people’s costumes.
    And I guess carving a design into a pumpkin can be considered a mechanical technology? Because the design can be made and simulated on Solidworks.

  10. Dylan says:

    Halloween is always an interesting night. I enjoyed it very much. Halloween and solid modeling are similar in that a costume requires designing much like a part or assembly in solidworks. Different components of a costume must be designed to work together as an assembly to be effective.
    One costume I saw was the Demogorgon from Stranger Things. The creator connected a string from his arm to his mask using a pulley mechanism that opened the mask when he lifted his arm.

  11. Not really. A similarity that i can think of is that people have to design costumes, just like engineers have to design materials, etc. I did not see anything because i didn’t go out last night.

  12. I didn’t enjoy Halloween because I had a midterm to take at night. Designing and decorating I guess. Yea I saw couple of animatronics on stores display

  13. I mainly relaxed at home last night. I’m not sure that Halloween and Solids Modeling share any similarities. It would be safe to assume that mechanical systems used to create the candy, decorations, and costumes used last night were at one point modeled digitally before being fabricated.

  14. I did.
    The similarity between Halloween and solid modeling is the opportunity to be creative.

  15. PJulien says:

    I don’t really celebrate Halloween. the only similarities I have noticed is that you can use programs like SolidWorks to create 3D costumes and decorations. once of the transformers costumes I’ve seen, I think they used a mechanical engineering technology.

  16. Yes, i enjoy Halloween. Solid modeling is needed to create costume that are used for Halloween. Yes mechanical technologies is being applied in Halloween.

  17. Jose Nunez says:

    i didnt do much just went to my classes. i guess the similarity between the two would have the designs of costumes

  18. Tinu says:

    not at all.. Halloween was boring.

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