Research Internship ($600 cash) CSTEP program

Dear MECH/IND students,

Are you looking for an internship opportunity? Do you want to conduct research with MECH professors? See the CSTEP director’s message as follows and join the program.

Application is here:

Dr. Nakamura


Dear City Tech City Tech Student; 

CSTEP(Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program) is a student success initiative funded by the New York State Education Department. CSTEP is designed to support students in majors needed in the NYS workforce including STEM fields and the licensed professions. CSTEP provides academic support to underrepresented students in eligible majors to facilitate college and career success. 

Students who successfully complete CSTEP program requirements in Fall 2022 will receive a CASH stipend of up to $600. Attached is the CSTEP Fall 2022 application. Word and pdf versions are attached for your convenience.Seats are limited!Apply Now!!Note: Students Must meet ALL eligibility requirements for the CSTEP program.

For more detail information, including eligibility requirements, class/workshop, seminar schedules and descriptions, please check the application/page 1 and 2)

Please submit the completed application and submit via email to

Applications are available at Room N325-E (CSTEP Office).

Thank you.

Hyun Alana Kim/M. Ed. MFA
CSTEP interim Director 
New York City College of Technology

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