Public Presentation

Beatirce corno presentation of her art style was a solid presentation, she disscussed how she became an artist and what make her art style unique. She begin her presentation with a grand entrance with her unique cape made of paper and introduce her self and how she became the artist we see today, Each

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What is plagiarism? it when you copy someone sentence, paragraph and claiming it as your own. It consider unethical among writer since they spent the time time to write the source material that you are stealing from. What is citytech academic policy about plagiarism? Citytech will not not accept any form of plagiarism, If a student is caught the paper they wrote will be disregarded and will be judge accordingly by the professor.

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A Well Design Webpage

They are many different type of layout for a webpage. the best layouts are usually the one that are simple to navigate, easy to use and give you a brief descriptition of the topic.An example of a good website is, it a popular website that people use to find everyday information and intergrate email, blogs, news and many other information that you need on the internet. The layout of the website is easy to navigate on the left side of the computer list of links that might interest you, depending on what your looking for. the middle of the webpage contains a search textbox and latest news. Finally on the right side of the website it contains other webistes and advertistments base on what website you vist.

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The Sheer Power of IPhone

Through the Iphone life cycle it has always be inventor of mobile technology by constantly adding application that you realize you didn’t need until apple introduce it to mass market. The latest model of the Iphone doesn’t bring much in terms of hardware but it does introduce to apple latest software. Apple latest softwar Sari is a virtual assistant that understand your voice command and give you the information you ask for. Sari can perform many range of task by interacting with several other applications on your Iphone . Another awesome feature the Iphone added is the IMessage which is basically text message over the internet with other Apple devices.Apple has also been working on cloud technology called icloud which automatically synchronize application with your idevices.

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The Power of Steve Jobs

Steve jobs can be called many things a leader, inventor and pioneer in the technology field. All these things made Steve job a risk taker. He was constantly supporting creative ideas that would change the world. Six week before the Iphone launch in 2007 Steve jobs decide to make some last minutes changes to the Iphone. He felt that the consumers would complain about the plastic screen on the Iphone and change it into glass instead. Mr. Jobs always followed his gut instincts because he wanted to please his customers.

Steve jobs didn’t believe in cutting corner even if it lead to failure , Early on in his career Steve jobs made many mistake that would help him become successful later on his career. After being ousted by apple he found a company name NeXT Computer that would marry liberal arts and technology. This project would eventually fail but would later on be reincarnated into itunes.

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My Boss gave credit

I would also include my colleague in the praise since they also did the work, and step up to the challenge when I was not the best man for the job. Since it a team project sometimes some of the work is done by your colleague depending on your situation. I wouldn’t tell my boss that my colleague did most of the work since it a team project and also I risk the chance of getting fired.

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Hello world!

Welcome to City Tech OpenLab. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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