Reflections of Blue Exhibit

The first image that caught my eye was an acrylic painting known as “Huxley Guide to Switzerland” made by Christopher Winters in the year 2011. The painting showcases a surrealism tone and that both art and magic can co-exist with each other. The color scheme used in the painting is very eye appealing as Winters uses various shades of acrylic blues to create an overlapping effect with the water, the mountains and the light blue sky above. All of these colors have a strong connection with one another and while under the same family of color, the way that Winters uses them you are able to fully understand what is what and separate that they are depicting appropriately. This added with the use of reflection creates a understanding of what the painting is upon first glance. When you look closely you can see the mountains reflecting off the clear water and also the feet of both the male and female characters floating over. Balance is the first word that comes to my mind upon looking at this piece work. The water with the use of reflection is creating an illusion, a parallel world to what is real on top, adding a bit of balance to the work. There is also the positioning of both of the characters as the mirror the movements of one another. Taking all of this into account, the composition feels thorough, fulfilled, and has a overall peaceful and calming tone to it.

This painting is known as “The Old Guitarist” made by Picasso, during the blue period. This painting represents a great deal of sorrow and grief while also depicting the miseries of the poor, the ill, and those cast out of society. This is clearly represented the with color. It has been painted with a monochromatic blue palette, with the guitar being a warm brown instead. The color choice of the guitar is intentional as it brings a sense of hopefulness as it is the point of warmth throughout the painting. The figure is slouched over with his eyes closed giving the feeling of being worn out and tired. The use of shadows plays on the figures face and body making him appear starved and cadaverous. The overall tone of this piece of work is filled with isolation and anguish.

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