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Journal Entry 6

Now at my internship we are starting to get into the more exciting parts of art and comic design which is the body and character design, I have created a template of the human body breaking down all of the components regarding the body. to display measurement of libs and how tall the body is in the art and comics world which is 8 heads.

This part of art is presenting more challenges to the students. So the way I am further elaborating on the body, is simply tell them to start off with just shapes and very basic forms, This way there is a stronger sense of where muscles will form instead of starting with muscles to begin.  The students have also gone over design ideas of the main characters of their comic.

Journal Entry 3

At my internship, the culture there is very much so professional, but laidback and casual at the same time. I can come into work very comfortable wearing Jeans, Joggers, Sneakers, etc. In a way, that helps bridge the gap between student and lead specialist of the activity because they can relate to the dress code. At times, what I’ve learned with kids is that formal wear can be quite intimidating. So for them to see someone in front of them dressing in ways that are more comfortable, they tend to open up more towards that person. And that has been the case with me at my internship.

The day starts with the kids coming into the lunch room after school has ended and receiving food before program starts. The specialist come in and round the kids up that want to join their activity and bring them upstairs to the classrooms. My art Activity takes place in one of the classrooms of the teachers from the day school. I have the kids sit around me as I work on the white board. We have discussions based on the lesson I am currently teaching, with a good laugh along the way.

Journal Entry 2

I am the co-specialist for the Art activity they offer there. My Goal for the students is too create a comic book to display their creativity and their passion in art. I received this opportunity through my sisters connection with the site Coordinator Kwesi Haynes. I was called into the site and received an interview with the site coordinator. I showcased some of my artwork and displayed my passion for the arts and received the position on the spot and started working that same day.

During the interview I was asked things such as why do I want to intern here? What is my major in school? Why do I love art? And what does art do for me? I answered converting my love for art and exactly what it does for me; and why kids are the metaphor of what art does for me. Essentially, art is an escape from adult life for me, and all the stress that comes with. It brings me back to my childhood where I could completely be by my lonesome, but create worlds full of  creativity and fantasy.