Journal Entry 3

At my internship, the culture there is very much so professional, but laidback and casual at the same time. I can come into work very comfortable wearing Jeans, Joggers, Sneakers, etc. In a way, that helps bridge the gap between student and lead specialist of the activity because they can relate to the dress code. At times, what I’ve learned with kids is that formal wear can be quite intimidating. So for them to see someone in front of them dressing in ways that are more comfortable, they tend to open up more towards that person. And that has been the case with me at my internship.

The day starts with the kids coming into the lunch room after school has ended and receiving food before program starts. The specialist come in and round the kids up that want to join their activity and bring them upstairs to the classrooms. My art Activity takes place in one of the classrooms of the teachers from the day school. I have the kids sit around me as I work on the white board. We have discussions based on the lesson I am currently teaching, with a good laugh along the way.