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I picked this image because the shot is centered perfectly on what we call a close-up. Plus this dog is adorable. This image is a 509px x 339px size with a 72dpi resolution. A 147KB file

My Bio

Hey there! My name is Mark Criollo. I am in the Communication Design – Graphic Design Major because I have a passion for creative especially in drawing to be more specific. Which is why I believe this module is suitable to my interest. I have also taken some illustration classes on the side throughout my 4 years to sharpen my traditional art. My goal is to graduate my 4 years and then to attend a graduate design program in pursuit of my Masters.


My goal as a designer is to work with game designers. Not really expecting to be in major companies, but somewhere manageable. I am taking this class to better my skills as a thinker and designer to make designs and master the elements within it.

Video games, drawings, and sketches inspires me to wanted to achieve my goal. Fitness inspires me to keep pushing myself not just in workouts, but everyday life. Pushing myself to not be lazy or uninterested in the things I want to do.

I enjoy to work with pencils whenever I am in the design process and take it from there in a natural matter. Drawing is a hobby I love getting into. It helps the design process for myself a lot easier.

The type of projects I would love to work on is using my sketch pads to the fullest and use Adobe programs (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc.).