Journal Entry #8

On March 14th, I attended a virtual Zoom event held by AIGA called Scout KC: Portfolio Review and Creative Series. It was hosted by Erin Roebuck, who is the Senior Talent Acquisition Leader at Hallmark Cards. The event was about the recruiting process, resumes, portfolios, cover letters, and how to sell yourself and tell your story. Overall the experience was very self-reflective for me, as Erin brought up various prompts that made me think about things I wouldn’t normally reflect on. Some of these questions were things like, “What about my work excites me the most or brings me the most joy?” or “How can I add more value? What do I bring to the table that no one else does?” Legitimately thinking about and answering these questions gave me a better sense of who I was, and boosted my confidence. Erin also spoke about her past experiences and struggles, which made the event very relatable as well as light-hearted.

Event image