Journal Entry #11

During our trip to the Met, I had time to walk around the Arms and Armor exhibit and look at some of its pieces. A piece that stood out to me was a sword with an ivory grip. It was called “Hunting Sword with Scabbard” from around 1740. To me, this was purely a piece of art, and the fact that it was used as an actual sword to fight with baffled me. I mentioned this to my friend who was looking at it with me, and he brought up the fact that it being here in the first place reflects how much of a piece of art it is. The people who owned this when it was made took extremely good care of it, and knew how much it was worth. Whether it was used or not doesn’t really matter because it still made it to this museum in such  good condition, and we’re here looking at it today.

Hunting Sword with Scabbard ca. 1740

Hunting Sword with Scabbard, Grip attributed to Joseph Deutschmann (German, Imst 1717–1787 Passau), Steel, silver, ivory, wood, leather, German, possibly Munich