Journal Entry #10

Seeing the exhibit Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art exposed me to a whole new aspect of Afrofuturism I’ve never seen before. The exhibit is centered around Seneca Village, a community that used to be near the Met before Central Park was made. It tries to connect the past, present, and future of African history and art, while encompassing the authenticity of Seneca Village and its beauty. Something that stood out to me about the exhibit were the items shown, and the way they looked and were designed. Although some items were from the 17th-18th century, it was difficult telling them apart from more recent pieces. In my opinion, many of the pieces had equal importance of form and function, which gave them a perfect balance of usability and looks.

Hair Comb ca. 1851

Manufactured by India Rubber Comb Company | Hair Comb | The Metropolitan  Museum of Art

Iya Ati Omo 2016

Yinka Ilori | Iya Ati Omo | The Metropolitan Museum of Art