Few words can describe or express who I am. I started modeling and acting at a young age, and coming from the neighborhood I grew up in, Lower East Side New York City, I started writing graffiti and hanging out with a tough crowd. After going through the system, getting tried in court, and being forced to do community service, I realized it was pointless to get in trouble for the art and designs that I desperately wanted everyone to see. I than changed my goal, from being well known in my neighborhood, to now wanting to dominate the commercial world and fashion industry with my artistic visions.
I can remember being in a graphic design class in high school, which at the time I thought was stupid and pointless, and my teacher played a documentary called Helvetica by Gary Hustwit. I immediately had an epiphany and realized what I wanted to do didn’t have to be illegal. Growing up in the underground world of graffiti and watching documentaries like “Style Wars”, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, and others, I thought the best way to get word around of your art had to be illegal. But I than realized it’s a new generation and everything is going digital. I also realized there is more money in graphic design than graffiti. I’ve been at New York City College of Technology for two years now, almost three, and have taken some amazing computer art classes like publication media, and a raster/vector class. My mother is a pop art dealer so I’ve had a large influence on pop artists like Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, and recently Leo Villareal who expresses his art through colorful LED lights. Some other artists I admire is the cartoonist R Crumb, and graffiti writers like Kaws and Todd James who are now making money in the commercial and pop art world.

Todd James






R. Crumb


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