Letterpress Printing

platen press and operatorOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Letterpress printing is a lost art.  This is because of how long of a process it takes for the final product.  First a layout of the page is made.  This is done by letters being specifically placed in the frame with the correct kerning, tracking, and leading which will eventually give the reader a perfect printed page.

Now is when ink is applied to the metal pallet which then transfers to the frame of the page layout.  This is what than makes an imprint on the page.  Before printing, the letterpress operates several times to make sure the ink is spread out correctly.  This giving the print a consistent amount of ink throughout the page layout.

2 thoughts on “Letterpress Printing

  1. haim eliasaf

    By HAIM Eliasaf
    Tel Aviv
    I open in two weeks workshop LETTERPRESS she was the first Israeli
    Now I make advertising signs and directions to where resides the workshop,
    It is located in the village of Kish, a small village in the north, in the area of ​​a farm
    I wanted to ask permission from you Is it possible to get and use the illustration / drawing of a man who uses the machine?
    Is very beautiful and successful, then can you send me the high printing quality?


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