can Wikipedia survive?

on contrary to the New York Times article which states statistics, i feel that Wikipedia can survive; at least with topics that are of interest. I just feel that Wikipedia should educate people more on their creditable sourcing, since right now they have educators telling scholars that any Wikipedia source is not a site able source. Also i will agree with the article that Wikipedia has impacted society in a way that, if it does not succeed, it is definite worth trying to save.

“The wine drank in 2007 and 2011”

Blame it on society
“The wine we drank in 2007” led statistics to tally wine consumption in the U.S for the fifteenth consecutive year, the big three, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon all ranged in different flavors, growing styles, these numbers are held responsible from the younger crowd. Doing my own research to explore the percentages and understand where they originated from; for example to my surprise Pinot grigo did not lead the top three but merlot did, and that is because merlot has a softer taste and poignant flavors and the younger crowd enjoyed taking a risk with such a different “fun” flavor opposed to potent flavors. Fast forward to 2011 when once again time changed and Merlot was dropped with one of the leading percentages. With wine blogs helping break the intimidation of drinking and trying wine it has allowed people from all ages seek understanding and experimentation of wine. So with social media on its’ all time high with trends and blogs flowing through our timelines drinking wine has become our new or old trend. Oh and of course with the help of Olivia Pope from Scandal who every week shows up and good Bordeaux is what makes a calm night.


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