Nursing Philosophy

My nursing philosophy is that all persons and patients, regardless of social status, race, creed, color or circumstance, should be treated with respect, dignity and kindness. We as nurses should be empathetic at all times. We must foster independence by allowing our patients to be champions for their health, through education and support, and empower them by allowing them to provide input in developing a patient centered plan of care. As professional nurses, we should endeavor to exercise patience, understanding and compassion, and promote open communication, not only with patients, but with each other as well.

We as nurses face an ever increasing host of challenges and as such, we should endeavor to recognize our individual faults and be open minded, continue to learn and ask for help if need be. We should strive for excellence at all times and always be advocates for our patients and anticipate and be attentive to their needs.

Nurses should be committed and resolute in that commitment, to ensure that the bound, might and respect that so many courageous individuals have sacrificed to bring to this prestigious profession will never be lost. We must understand that we are a profession subservient to no other. This is not said with intent to minimize any of our colleagues in health care, but we are the preachers and teachers of many of colleagues. We are Registered Professional Nurses, and we should wear that badge of honor with the credence and pride it deserves.

We are a profession of compassion and caring, sworn to uphold our collective manifest, our pledge. We must be respectful of the privilege that allows us to practice within the sisterhood/brotherhood of this profession. Each of us must do our part in the upholding of the virtues to which we have committed ourselves. We must always seek higher education, in whatever form it may present itself, for the betterment of the collective body. We must aspire to do more and be more than what is asked of us. We should continue to push the envelope on innovation, seeking creative ways to provide safe high quality care for our patients. We should strive to be a better persons, nurses, and human beings and to always up hold the integrity and support the meaning of our great profession.


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