Culmination Proposal

  1. Project Description

My project for this culmination would be building and creating a website from scratch using what I know and what I will learn regarding HTML, CSS, and Javascript. As I have shifted my focus from game design to web programming I would like to use this opportunity to show what I have learned and am willing to learn. As well as putting in the effort to fully learn all that goes into being a front-end developer, I would also like to use this as a portfolio/resume.

  1. Methods

Using Visual Studio Code to code the website and launching it using any web browser. I will be styling the website as a blog with different simple designs and projects, while also using Javascript to integrate some user input with pressable buttons and such.

  1. Project Deliverables
  2. HTML, CSS, and JS integration
  3. Blog styled page with multiple pages linked to one another
  4. Links and images added
  5. Links to GitHub for source code of page
  6. Schedule

9/8: Preliminary planning

9/15: Start of  HTML and CSS coding 3 page minimum

9/29: 2 pages filled with HTML and necessary information.

10/13: 3 pages filled with HTML and start of CSS styling

11/3: 3 pages filled with HTML and CSS stylings

11/17: Starting Javascript integration

12/1: Javascript working on at least 2 pages

12/15: Final project finished. 3 pages of full HTML, CSS stylings, and Javascript integration.

  1. Required Resources
  2. Visual Studio Code
  3. Budget

This project should not cost me any money.