Skills Set

I have acquired numerous clinical skills that are up to date based on scientific research and current knowledge of the dental hygiene field,  thanks to the supportive dental hygiene faculty. These abilities will allow me to provide my patients with the best possible treatment. Some of the skills I’ve acquired include:

  • Thoroughly review medical history  to ensure that there is no contraindication in the care provided to the patients
  • Exposing digital x-rays (HBWs, VBWs, PAs, FMS, and Panoramics) in order to verify oral pathologies, suspicious caries, bone loss and calculus that may or may not be clinically visible
  • Perform and document extra-oral and intra-oral assessments as a part of oral cancer screening
  • Evaluate and document the patient’s existing dental work
  • Identify the signs of attrition, abrasion, abfraction, and erosion and make necessary adjustments
  • Probe for patient’s sulcus depth with high accuracy to ensure the best treatment based on the patient’s case type
  • Educate patients on the best oral hygiene techniques based on their needs, such as teaching them the modified Bass brushing technique, how to use the electric toothbrush properly, how to floss properly, best oral rinse and etc.
  • Effective removal of calculus with various hand instruments
  • Polish with engine polisher to remove stains
  • Apply sealants (with a rubber dam or cotton rolls) to teeth that have deep pits and fissures to reduce the risk of caries
  • Apply fluoride gel tray or varnish to remineralize teeth
  • Assess and place Arestin in patients who have pocket depths between 5-7mm
  • Administer  Oraqix and local anesthesia for pain management and patient comfort