Project Description

For this clas my responsibility was to create a surrealist drawing for my final project using all the skills that I was taught during the duration of the semester. Using techniques as one point perspective, shading and understanding planes.


During this project I have, I felt I was challenged. Since I graduated from an art high school, I have already had skills and knowledge in creating these types of surrealist drawing artworks. I felt this project was one that was easy yet challenging because I had to work 2 times as hard to get it right and prevent from making any mistakes. Also, I had to perfect my skills in shading since I am not creating a still life. I had to imagine how light would realistically hit the wine cup, windows, and bottle and make sure it doesn’t look fake. I am proud of how the piece came out. But I do plan on working more with my skills and techniques. But as I say, there is always room for improvement.