Starting in Spring 2021, City Tech is moving our WeBWorK hosting to a third party vendor, Rederly. While the WeBWorK problems and problem sets will remain the same, the Rederly system is a little different from the traditional WeBWorK system that you are used to.

The good news is that the differences are almost all positive – an easier, more intuitive user interface, better tools for account management, higher capacity and better protected against system outages.

However, instructors will also have slightly different responsibilities on Rederly than you did on the old system. Before the semester begins, you will need to create an account, set up your course, and provide a “registration” link to all of your students so they can join your course. Detailed instructions for carrying out these steps, as well as more general information about Help and Tutorials, appear below.

Help, Tutorials and Workshop Materials

Rederly Support materials
Rederly has provided tutorial videos as well as FAQs to help you out as you learn to navigate their system. Once you are logged in to Rederly, you can click “Rederly Support” at the top of any page to get personalized help.

Rederly Office Hours (live on zoom): Fridays at 1PM – zoom link

Workshop materials 1/26/21
A live workshop Introduction to WeBWorK on Rederly was held on 1/26/21.

Slideshow introducing the Rederly platform.

What courses are available on Rederly?

The following City Tech courses have departmental WeBWorK materials available on Rederly. Some additional courses are under development by various faculty – if there is a course you are interested in that doesn’t appear in the list below, feel free to reach out to Jonas Reitz ( for more information.

  • MAT 1275
  • MAT 1275CO
  • MAT 1375
  • MAT 1475
  • MAT 1575

Getting Started on Rederly

1. Create an account on Rederly

Starting January 19th, 2021, you can create an account at by using your citytech faculty email. Select “Register” and enter your name, citytech email and a password of your choice.

The system will generate a confirmation email – complete your registration by clicking the link in the email.

2. Set up Your Course

Once you are logged in to Rederly, click the blue “Create Course” button to get started.

Select the correct Model Course from the list that appears. After you select it, you will have a chance to enter some basic information including your section number.

3. Invite your students

Your students will also need to create an account on Rederly. The good news is that students will continue to use the same account for all WeBWorK classes! Once a student has created an account, they will need to click on a special enrollment link (which you will provide to them) in order to join your section.

To find the enrollment link for your course, log in to Rederly and select your course. Choose the “Enrollment” option (the third tab), and you will see the Enrollment Link near the top of the page. Copy this link and provide it to your students (for example, you can post it to your class website on Blackboard or the OpenLab).