Free Online Math Tutoring and Study Groups

  1. Drop-in Tutoring
    • No registration required
    • Several times available Monday through Saturday
    • Help available: MAT 650 through MAT 2680
    • For more details, click here.


  2. Tutoring by Appointment
    • 30-minute one-on-one appointment with a tutor to ask questions or seek explanation
    • Monday-Friday, 10 am – 5 pm
    • Help available: MAT 1275CO, MAT 1275, MAT 1375, MAT 1475, MAT 1575
    • For more details, click here.


  3. Math Peer Study Groups
    • No registration required
    • One weekly MAT 1275CO workshops (Thursdays, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm)
    • One weekly MAT 1275 workshops (Fridays, 2:00-3:30 pm)
    • 1.5 h-sessions
    • Each session starts with a short review of a topic. Then students work in groups on problems with the help of the peer leaders.
    • You do not have to attend all workshops. You can attend as many as you want, regardless if they are taking MAT 1275 CO or MAT 1275.
    • The flyer contains a calendar of topics covered in each workshop.
    • For more details, click here.


  4. WeBWorK Q & A Site
    • Get help with your WeBWorK questions
    • To ask a question, log in to your WeBWorK section, and then click the “Ask a Question” button after any problem
    • You can upload a picture of you work
    • An instructor, a tutor or even another student will answer your question
    • You can also check the WeBWorK Question & Answer site to see if your answer has been already responded. You need to be logged in to OpenLab to view the site.


Q1:  What is the difference between Drop-in Tutoring (option 1 above) and Tutoring by Appointment (option 2 above)?

A1: In the Drop-in Tutoring, you do not have to make an appointment. You can just show up. If there are too many students trying to seek help at the same time, you might have to wait. With the Tutoring by Appointment, you will have up to 30 minutes on a one-on-one session with a tutor at a specific time.

Q2: What is the difference between Tutoring (options 1 and 2 above) and Math Peer Study Groups (option 3 above)?

A2: In the Tutoring, you bring your own questions and ask the tutors to help you. In the Math Peer Study Groups, a peer leader will deliver a brief review of the topic of the day. Then you will work with other students on problems that will be given to you. There will be peer leaders facilitating the discussions.

Q3: Are there Math Peer Study Groups (option 3 above) for courses other than MAT 650/1275CO/1275?

A3: Unfortunatley, no. We are currently only offering Math Peer Study Groups for those courses.

Q4: What is WeBWorK?

A4: Many math classes at City Tech use WeBWorK, an open source online homework system, with problem sets custom designed to support and reinforce your learning.

Q5: Is the WeBWorK Q&A site (option 4 above) only for classes using WeBWorK?

A5: That’s right.

Q6: How do I get help through the WeBWorK Q&A site (option 4 above) ?

A6: Someone (a tutor, an instructor or even another student) will answer your question. You can continue the communication by replying to him/her.