Ganguli | Math 1375 | Fall 2020

Exam #2: Take-home exam (Wed Nov 18-Sun Nov 22) + in-class exam (Mon Nov 23)

The 2nd midterm exam (Exam #2) will consist of two components:

  1. (60% of your exam score) Take-home exercises which will be due Sunday Nov 22 (i.e., similar to Exam #1). You can find the pdf with the take-home exercises in OpenLab/Files.
  2. (40% of your exam score) There will also be an in-class component, which you will take next Monday Nov 23. It will consist of 3 short exercises, which will be similar to some of the take-home exercises. We will use approximately half the class session on Monday for the in-class component of the exam.


  1. Suman Ganguli

    A quick update re Exam #2: I outlined the contents of the take-home exercises at the end of class today (please look at the Blackboard recording if you missed class or had to log off early)

    But I need to rewrite the last exercise on the exam with a different rational function, so I will upload the pdf to OpenLab/Files later this afternoon after I do that.

  2. Suman Ganguli

    The Exam #2 pdf is now available at

    Please start working on these exercises, and upload your solutions to Blackboard by Sunday night.

    If you get stuck, review the similar examples we did in class, that were on the WebWork sets, and that were on the quizzes (in particular, you may want to review Quiz #3–solutions for that quiz are available at Files also).

    Also a reminder that I will have my weekly office hours tomorrow (Thursday) 11a-12p if you want to discuss.

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