Ganguli | Math 1375 | Fall 2020

OpenLab Assignment: Post Exam #1 Solutions

You can earn 2 participation points by posting a solution to one of the Exam #1 exercises. Follow these instructions:

  • Choose one of the Exam #1 exercises and create an image (jpeg) file of your solution:
  • If you are satisfied with the solution you handed in for your Exam #1, either take a photo of your hardcopy if you still have it, or take a screenshot of the electronic version you submitted.
  • If instead you want to write up a new solution to the exercise, write it up and take a photo.
  • Create a new OpenLab post; you can do by pressing on the “+” button at the top of the site and choosing “Post”
  • Title your post as “Exam #1 Solution: Exercise #[number]”
  • Add the image to your post: hit the “+” button on the RHS below your title for “Add block”; find the “Image” block, which will allow you to upload your image
  • Under “Document / Categories” click “Exam 1 Solutions”
  • Hit the “Publish” button

I demonstrated this process in class on Wednesday (Nov 18). You can view the Exam #1 solutions your classmates have already posted under that category.

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  1. Suman Ganguli

    Since we ran out of time in class yesterday, I will demonstrate how to post an Exam #1 solution in class tomorrow (Wed Nov 18)!

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