Videos/Notes for Monday April 6: Conditional Probability

Wee below for some videos and notes recapping our Monday April 6 class session:

  • We started with an example of conditional probability that introduces the concept of “independent events”; see the “Introduction to Conditional Probability” video we discussed last time, starting at 9:30:

  • We then reviewed the class outline on Conditional Probability, in particular the 2nd page which introduces the Multiplication Rule for probabilities and the concept of independent vs dependent events
  • We went over some of the exercises in HW6 and HW7 that use the Multiplication Rule
  • You can go on to view and discuss the subsequent jbstatistics video, “Independent Events”:


One thought on “Videos/Notes for Monday April 6: Conditional Probability”

  1. I hope those of you that joined found today’s class session helpful. I will post some more WebWork hints/solutions to OpenLab later this evening, including the exercises we went over during today’s session.

    Also we will have another Blackboard session tomorrow (Tuesday), since the college is on a Wednesday schedule tomorrow.

    I also discovered I can share the link for each recorded Blackboard Collaborate session. Here is the link to today’s session, in case you missed it or want to review it:

    Actually I just discovered that I can share the link for today’s recording directly:

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