Google Spreadsheet: Binomial Random Variable/Distribution

Here is the spreadsheet we worked on in class together yesterday:

We used it to answer HW9, Problem 4 (here’s my version of the question). But this is also an example of a binomial random variable.

Commute Time Project

You can find the pdf of the Commute Times Project description I handed out yesterday in Files.

Also, here is the link to the spreadsheet I showed at the end of class:

Please set up a basic spreadsheet and start recording your commute times!

(In the spreadsheet above, I had recorded “Departure time” and “Arrival time,” and then computed commute time by subtracting “Departure time” from “Arrival time.”  Especially if you’re using a stopwatch app to record your commute time, it’s fine to just record that directly (i.e., set up a spreadsheet with “Date” in column A and “Commute Time” in column B.)

List of spreadsheet functions

We will use the comments to this post to keep track of the various spreadsheet functions we will use in class over the course of the semester.

You will be asked to post a comment briefly summarizing a spreadsheet function at sometime during the semester (which will earn you a point towards your course participation grade).

You should post the given spreadsheet function and a short summary and/or example of what it does; this can be taken directly (or preferably adapted) from the built-in documentation (see my first comment below for an example).


Class Age Data – Google Spreadsheet

Here is the link to the Google spreadsheet we created during our first class session last Wednesday:

Class Age Data – 28 Aug 2019

Note that you can only view the spreadsheet via the link, but if you have a Google account, you can save a copy to your Google Drive and then edit your copy.

We will continue working on this spreadsheet this week.  But in the meantime you should familiarize yourself with the basic spreadsheet functions and techniques (e.g., copying and pasting formulas) that we introduced in this spreadsheet.