Linear Regression Project

Yesterday in class, I introduced the 2nd project for the semester (please remember to continue collecting your commute time data for that project!)

This project will involve:

  • finding a paired data set on a topic you’re interested in
  • creating a scatterplot with the linear regression trendline
  • computing the correlation coefficient and linear regression parameters
  • writing up a short (1-2pp) discussion of the data and your findings.

Here is a timeline for the first steps for this project:

  • by Mon Nov 25: decide whether you want to work on this project individually or together with a partner
    • if the latter, find a research partner in the class!
  • by Wed Nov 27: decide on a topic (broadly speaking) that you’re interested in studying statistically
  • by Wed Dec 4: decide on a specific topic & find an appropriate paired data set (we will spend some class time on this during which I will help you individually!)

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