Course Hubs have been created!

Hi everyone!

I just finished cloning the course hub to create versions for each of your courses (list below). I invited all of you to join all of the course hubs – please accept these invitations (through the OpenLab).

I also created a Google Doc for us to discuss “What does an online lesson look like?” – please take a look and ADD YOUR THOUGHTS!

Some notes about course hubs:

  • At this point the course hubs all look exactly the same, except for the name (which appears in the main header image). BEWARE: there are lots of places on the site that make reference to “MAT 1375” or “MAT 1375 Precalculus”, and part of your job will be to update these to the correct course. Some will be easy, some trickier – let me know if you run into trouble.
  • You should feel free to play around with the course hub – making changes or trying things out. If you do something you don’t like, we’re happy to help get things back to how they were!
  • I included a sample lesson from MAT 1375, based on my work last semester – BUT I plan to do some additional work on this (maybe driven by our “what does a lesson look like” discussion).

List of Course Hubs:

Assignments 🙂

Our next meeting is this Wednesday at 1pm. By then, please try to do the following:

  • Join all the of the course hubs above (and let me know, so I can grant you administrative access to the one you are working on)
  • Add your thoughts about lessons to the Google Doc.
  • If you have time, play around with creating a lesson (feel free to just edit the existing lesson if you like) – we’ll talk more about this on Wednesday.

Thanks, everybody!


Meeting Agenda and Notes – 7/1/20

Initial meeting of the OpenLab Course Hub / Model Course Initiative – Mathematics, Summer 2020

  • Welcome and Hello!
    • spacial chat? 3D online meeting (lets try to use this next meeting)
  • About the Course Hub / Model Course Initiative
    • Program description (Mathematics)
    • What is a Course Hub?
      • In development: MAT1375
      • Faculty area
        • Marianna:  has lots of materials that should be “faculty only” e.g. projects, quizzes, data, solutions, etc.
      • Jonas: make contact with course coordinators, present project (socialize !).  THIS WEEK!
      • Everyone: update Multiple Position Forms (paid in August)
    • Deliverables
    • Timeline
      • July: 
        • Week 1: Kickoff meeting, Jonas will finalize & distribute course hub template
          • Decide on future meetings
          • What does a sample lesson look like?
        • Week 2: Develop & share sample lessons with group, peer review.
        • Week 3&4: Collect & create materials / ongoing peer review.
        • Week 5: Initial draft of all materials / peer review.
      • August: 
        • Finalize materials.
        • Publicize materials to faculty teaching courses in Fall 2020.
  • Discussion: What does a Lesson look like?
    • May be more than one model
    • Best practices for adapting course materials (from COMD)
    • 1372 lessons (WW) – aligning with OpenStax through OER initiative.
      • BUT our current text is Ross – not OER
    • OER texts?
      • 1275/CO:  Alex is writing book, not ready yet.  Currently using 2 books, not OER.
      • 1375: oer text (citytech)
      • 1372:  Ross text, not OER.  BUT working on WeBWorK aligned with OpenStax.
      • 1475: OER text (OpenStax).
        • Lin: prefer not to stick to any fixed textbook!  Write our own notes…?
        • wants to group lessons by topic.
        • Link lesson to syllabus – each day in syllabus has topics, each topic links to lesson.
      • 1575: OER text (OpenStax)
    • Lin: Exit problems (end of lesson) – self test
      • Must contain core of lesson – even if doesn’t cover every detail covered in class
      • 1475:
        • short videos for core concept,
        • notes from text,
        • what are important examples you should study,
        • assignments from WW,
        • exit problems
      • Introduction – for students arriving at lesson
    • (OER Initiative: LibreTex, building materials next year)
  • Next steps
    • Google doc “what is a lesson”? – JONAS will create this & send around
    • Course Hub:  JONAS will finalize, clone for each course, send to all
      • Lessons are pages
    • Everybody: play around with your Course Hub, try developing a sample lesson before next week’s meeting – bring your questions!
    • MEET NEXT WEEK:  1pm Wednesday.