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Final Exam Review

Here are topics and exercises to review for the final exam:

  • truth tables (and related definitions of satisfiability, unsatisfiability, tautologies)
    • Exam #1: Exercises #1 & #2
    • Exam #4: Exercise #5(a)
    • Quiz #1: Exercise #2
  • set operations (union, intersection, power set, Cartesian product):
    • Exam #2: Exercises #2 & #4
  • proofs (direct & indirect):
    • Exam #2: Exercises #1
    • Exam #4: Exercise #5(b)
    • Quiz #3
  • recurrence relations:
    • Quiz #4: Exercise #2
    • Exam #3: Exercise #4
  • algorithms:
    • Quiz #4: Exercise #1
    • Exam #3: Exercises #2 & #3
    • Exam #4: Exercise #3

Exam #4: Take-home exam / Office hours

If you need another copy of the take-home exam I handed out in class today, you can download it from Files.

The take-home exam is due at the beginning of class next Monday, Dec 17.  We will use Monday to review for the final exam (reminder: the final exam will be next Wednesday, Dec 19).

As I said in class, you should download the previous exam and quiz solutions I have posted over the course of the semester. Studying those solutions will help you with the take-home exam, and also help you start preparing for the final exam.

If you get stuck on the take-home exam, look for related examples & exercises on the previous exams & quizzes, in the textbook, on the homework assignments and in your class notes.

I will be in my office (N724) to answer questions about related examples & exercises during these extra office hours:

  • Thursday, Dec 13: 10a-11:45a
  • Friday, Dec 14: 12p-2p

You can also post questions to the Discussion page, and I will reply to them there.