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Office hours are also held at the usual time Mondays and Wednesdays 11:00am-12:00pm via Webex, email, or OpenLab

MAT 1475 Video Resources


Monday, April 6

Topic: Related Rates

Pre-recorded video by prof. Ghezzi

Notes from Webex class

Whiteboard notes on related rates


Tuesday, April 7

Topic: Differentials

Pre-recorded video by prof. Ghezzi

Notes from Webex class

Whiteboard notes on differentials

Desmos example with differentials


Monday, April 13

Topics: Maxima and Minima; The Mean Value Theorem

Pre-recorded video by prof. Ghezzi on Maxima and Minima

Videos on the Mean Value Theorem from Khan Academy

Statement and geometric meaning

Polynomial example

Notes from Webex class:

Whiteboard notes on maxima and minima, mean value theorem


Wednesday, April 15

Topic: Derivatives and the Shape of a Graph

Videos from Khan Academy

The first derivative test

Finding relative extrema

Concavity introduction

Inflection points

Analyzing concavity

Inflection points (example)

Notes from Webex class

Whiteboard notes on derivatives and the shape of a graph


Monday, April 20

Topics: Graphing polynomials (review), L’Hôpital’s rule

Videos from Khan Academy

L’Hôpital’s Rule

Limit at 0

Limit at infinity

Notes from Webex class

Whiteboard notes on graphing polynomials and L’Hopital’s rule


Wednesday, April 22

Topics: L’Hôpital’s rule (continued); Asymptotes

Videos from Khan Academy

Infinite limits and asymptotes

Limits at infinity of rational functions

Notes from Webex class

Whiteboard notes on H rule and asymptotes


Monday, April 27

Topics: Drawing the graph of a function; Applied optimization


      1. Part I : Find the domain, intercepts, symmetry relations, asymptotes, intervals of increase/decrease, and local extrema (rational function)
      2.  Part II : Find the intervals of concavity and sketch the graph of the function

Notes from Webex class

Whiteboard notes on graphing functions

Whiteboard notes on optimization


Wednesday, April 29

Topic: Applied optimization

Videos from Khan Academy

  1. Minimizing sum of squares (7:34) What is the smallest possible sum of squares of two numbers, if their product is -16?
  2. \rhd Box volume I (9:49) If you are making a box out of a flat piece of cardboard, how do you maximize the volume of that box?
  3. \rhd Box volume II (8:59) Continuation of the previous problem.
  4. \rhd Profit (11:26) Maximizing profits.
  5. \rhd Cost of materials (12:39) Find the cost of the material for the cheapest rectangular storage container.

Notes from Webex class:

Whiteboard notes on optimization (continued)


Monday, May 4

Review session during office hours 11am-12pm (Webex meeting room)

Notes from review session

Whiteboard notes-Exam3 review

Exam 3: please read instructions carefully

Practice Exam 3. Prof. version Solutions


Wednesday, May 6

Topic: Antiderivatives


Notes from Webex class

Whiteboard notes on antiderivatives


Monday, May 11

Topics: Definite integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus


Whiteboard notes on definite integrals and fundamental theorem of Calculus


Wednesday, May 13

Topics: Definite integrals (continued), Review

Whiteboard notes on definite integrals, continued

Whiteboard notes–Review


Monday, May 18

Topic: Review (continued)

Whiteboard notes-Review



Final Exam Instructions

Final exam topics

Final Exam Review Sheet

Message from Math Department Chair about academic integrity


FINAL EXAM WeBWorK URL (NOT our usual class site-Login information was sent to the email address you have on file in CUNYFirst. Contact me immediately if you can not login.)


FINAL EXAM DATE AND TIME The final opens on Tuesday, May 19 at 12AM and closes on Wednesday, May 20 at 11:59pm.