WeBWorK, an open source online homework system,  has been at City Tech since 2011. In Spring 2021, City Tech moved our WeBWorK hosting to a third party vendor, Rederly.

Need help getting started with WeBWorK on Rederly? Check out this blog post.

Need help with the Rederly platform? Take a look at the Rederly tutorials – they include tutorial videos on registering, creating your course, managing enrollment, assigning work, and more. There is also a Rederly FAQ page.

Need additional help with WeBWorK?  The faculty-oriented WeBWorK Working Group has many resources accumulated over a decade of using WeBWorK at City Tech. While some of the materials related to course administration and hosting are no longer relevant (due to our move to Rederly), you will find a wealth of useful information on various topics including problem design, pedagogy, and more.