Assignment: Tell Me About Infinity

Almost every child, from shortly after they learn to count, has some idea of infinity.  In this assignment, you will share your ideas about what infinity is.

Assignment (due Tuesday, April 17th): Create a new blog post about the topic below. Detailed instructions on writing a post and adding images can be found on the OpenLab Help Pages.  You should create a new blog post including the following:

  1. The title should include the word “Infinity” and also your name.
  2. Your post should consist of one paragraph in response to the topic.
    TOPIC: What is infinity?  Explain in your own words.
  3. You must include an photo or image that illustrates the idea of infinity in some way. For information on including a photo in your post, see the OpenLab Help Pages.
  4. Under tags, enter “infinity, assignment 1”

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