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SessionDateTopicWeBWorK Set
11. The Absolute ValueAbsolute Value Inequalities
Interval Notation
22. Lines and FunctionsLines Review
33. Functions by Formulas and GraphsFunctions - Function Notation Functions - Difference Quotient Functions - Piecewise
44. Introduction to the TI-84
55. Basic Functions and Transforma-
Functions - Translations
Functions - Symmetries
66. Operations on FunctionsFunctions - Operations
77. The Inverse of a FunctionFunctions - Inverse Functions
8First Examination
98. Dividing Polynomials
(8.3 Synthetic Division is optional)
Polynomials - Division
109. Graphing Polynomials
(9.3 Graphing Polynomials by Hand is
Polynomials - Graphs
1110. Roots of Polynomials
(10.1 Rational Root Theorem is
Polynomials - Rational Roots
Polynomials - Theory
1211. Rational Functions
(11.2 Graphing Rational Functions by Hand is optional)
Rational Functions - Domains
Rational Functions - Asymptotes Rational Functions - Intercepts Rational Functions - Comprehensive
1312. Polynomial and Rational Inequali-
Polynomials - Inequalities
Rational Functions - Inequalities
1413. Exponential and Logarithmic
Exponential Functions - Graphs
Logarithmic Functions - Graphs
15Midterm Examination
SessionTopicWeBWorK Set
1614. Properties of Exp and LogLogarithmic Functions - Properties
Exponential Functions - Equations Logarithmic Functions - Equations
1715. Applications of Exp and LogExponential Functions - Growth and De-
1816. Half-life and Compound InterestExponential Functions - Growth and De-
1917. Trigonometric FunctionsTrigonometry - Unit Circle
Trigonometry - Graphing Amplitude Trigonometry - Graphing Period Trigonometry - Graphing Phase Shift Trigonometry - Graphing Comprehensive
2018. Addition of Angles and Multiple
Angle Formulas
Trigonometry - Sum and Difference
Trigonometry - Double and Half Angle Formulas
2119. Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsTrigonometry - Inverse Functions
2220. Trigonometric EquationsTrigonometry - Equations
23Third Examination
2421. Complex NumbersComplex Numbers - Operations
Complex Numbers - Magnitude Complex Numbers - Direction Complex Numbers - Polar Form
2522. Vectors in the PlaneVectors - Operations
Vectors - Components
Vectors - Magnitude and Direction Vectors - Unit Vectors
2623. Sequences and SeriesSequences - Intro
Series - Intro Sequences - Arithmetic
Series - Finite Arithmetic
2724. The Geometric SeriesSequences - Geometric
Series - Geometric
2825. The Binomial TheoremSequences - Binomial Theorem
30Final Exam
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