Lucie Mingla | Section OL92 | Semester: Fall 2020

Author: Paola Guzman

Assignment 1 – Introduction

Hello, my name is Paola Guzman and this is my third year of college. I am a nursing major; I’d love to be a nursing practitioner or a travel nurse after my RN and after a few more years of studying.

I love comics, manga, anime and anything thriller. The genre of movies and things I read can range from Rom-Coms to Dramas to Horror/Thrillers. I am always open to a good recommendation.

Math has always been my strongest subject, I love how everything has a definite answer. I’d love to have a setlist of formulas and such to help me with Pre-calc. Seeing the exact steps taken to achieve an answer is what has always helped me, so from time to time I may ask if this could be done.

I wish to have a great semester with everyone!