Use the Yahoo finance site to download a .csv file of historical data for your favorite public company. As an example, here are Tesla’s stock prices, however you may choose to investigate any company which catches your interest. Once you have your data, use Excel to:

1) calculate: the covariance of the two variables
2) determine: the coefficient of correlation r
3) answer: What do  these statistics tell you about the relationship between
time and your company’s stock price?

4) graph: Find the scatter plot for your data sets. Be sure to include a detailed title and labels for horizontal and vertical axes.

5) determine: What is the linear equation which models your data?

6) predict: According to your linear equation, what will the stock price for your company be on 10/12/2021?

Please submit your assignment as an Excel file via Blackboard. I have created an assignment called “OpenLab Assignment 2” which is available under “Content.”

In order to receive credit, you must submit this assignment by uploading your Excel file to Blackboard. Please do NOT submit this assignment via email as you will not receive credit for it. If you have questions as to how to submit this assignment, please plan ahead and contact me in advance for help. Do not wait until the last moment as the assignment will close.

This assignment is due 9/21/2021 at 5 pm.