Statistics & Probability | Instructor: Suman Ganguli

Class #25 Agenda (Wed May 5)

Class Info


  • Recap plan for the individual Exam #2 conferences this Thursday or Friday (if you haven’t already, sign up for a time slot in this shared Google Sheet)
  • Permutations/combinations (esp the latter; we discussed permutations on Monday) and Binomial Experiments
    • Class #24 & #25 Outlines
  • Review relevant parts of Midterm Exam #2 (coin flipping experiments as examples of binomial experiments)

To-Do After Class

  • Schedule and log on for your individual Exam #2 conference this Thursday or Friday (in this shared Google Sheet)
    • join the scheduled Blackboard session at the start of your time slot (just as you do for class)
  • Complete Rederly HW sets:
    • Topic 4.2 (due Friday, May 7)
    • Topics 3* (Counting) & Topic 4.3 (Binomial Distribution): due Friday May 14

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  1. Suman Ganguli

    Note: I have extended the due date for Topic 4.2 to Monday evening, since we didn’t get to any of the questions today. But please work on Topic 3* in the meantime (which we did discuss at length today)

    Also, one more reminder to the handful of you that haven’t yet signed for a Exam #2 conference time slot! As I mentioned in class, I will give a participation point to everyone who has signed up by tonight.

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