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Exam #2: take-home exam due Monday (May 3)

The second midterm exam is again a take-home exam, due before class on Monday (May 3). You can download the pdf with the exam exercises from OpenLab Files. The instructions are similar as for the quizzes and previous exams:

  1. Set up a spreadsheet: You will be asked to do spreadsheet calculations for some of the exam exercises. Please include your name in the title your spreadsheet (e.g., something like “[Your Name] – MAT1372 – Exam #2”).
  2. Write out your solutions: If you have access to a printer, you can print out the Exam #2 pdf and write your solutions in the spaces provided. But it’s fine to write your solutions on blank pieces of paper. You don’t need to rewrite the statements of the exercises, but please write your solutions in order and number/label them. I recommend starting each exercise on a new piece of paper–that way you can work on the exercises in any order, and then put them in order when you are ready to submit.
  3. Scan your written solutions to a single pdf file (i.e., not a jpeg!). Please arrange your exercise solutions in order, and scan to a single pdf. By now you should have figured out how to scan multiple pages to a single pdf, using an app such as Cam Scanner, Microsoft Office Lens, Adobe Scan, or Genius Scan (see here). If you have a Google or Dropbox account, you can use the Google Drive app or the Dropbox app to scan and save the pdf to the cloud (that’s what I do).
  4. Submit your pdf and spreadsheet to the Exam #2 Assignment on Blackboard. You can submit your spreadsheet as an additional attached file, or by including the sharing link if you use Google Sheets (the latter is preferred).

You may find it useful to review the recording of Wednesday’s class session (Class #23), since I briefly went through the exam exercises at the end of class. We also went over Quiz #3, which is relevant to the exam.

Finally, a reminder that I will have my regularly scheduled office hours today (Thursday), 11a-12p, as well as tomorrow (Friday, also 11a-12p) via Blackboard in case you have questions.


  1. Suman Ganguli

    A reminder that I have office hours right now (Friday)..originally scheduled until 12p, but I can stay on until 12:30p. Please log on if you have questions about what’s asked for on any of the exam exercises (or if you want to go over relevant examples and exercises!)

    Also a reminder that you get a point towards the Participation component of your course grade (recall every time you log on for office hours!

  2. Suman Ganguli

    I am still in the process of grading your Quiz #3’s, but I have uploaded solutions to Files. Please take a look so that you make sure you understand those exercises (and since #2 on the exam in particular reuses some solutions from Quiz #3); we also reviewed Quiz #3 in class on Wednesday, so you can also revisit that class recording.

    Also, I received a question regarding #4 on the exam, where you are first asked to reproduce the sample space for the probability experiment of rolling two 6-sided and then circle the outcomes corresponding to each possible value of the random variable. I thought I would post my reply/hint:

    You should have a separate circle for each possible value of X (so 11 circles, since the possible values of X are i = 2, 3, 4, … 12), where each such circle contains all the outcomes corresponding to that possible value.

    In other words, you should have a separate circle containing the outcomes that you list on each row in the middle column of the table in #4(c)!

  3. Pedro Cabrera

    Hi professor,

    I don’t see a link for the submission of exam #2 on blackboard. Could you please take a look. Thanks!

    • Saffa Akhtar

      where are we supposed to submit the exam ?? I also don’t see it under content on BB

  4. Suman Ganguli

    Thanks for these comments reminding me! I had forgotten to post the Assignment on Blackboard until I saw your comments and a bunch of emails from people in the class just now.

    So, when you get a chance, please submit your pdf and spreadsheet on Blackboard (even those of you that already emailed me your exams, so that I can grade it on Blackboard. )

    Since I forgot to post the Blackboard Assignment earlier, I extended the due date to tomorrow (Monday) 12p, i.e., just submit sometime before class starts tomorrow.

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