You should have already received email from CityTech about this CircleIn platform. Here’s the info I received via an email to faculty:

CircleIn is an app available to all City Tech students which supports peer-to-peer mentoring and the development of effective study habits. All students in a section can use it to connect with each other. Faculty do not participate in CircleIn discussions but can review what students in their class are asking questions about to assess if more focus is needed on topics that students seem to be struggling with.

And here is a 5 Minute Overview video:

You should be able to login via your CityTech email:

  • Visit the Student App Website:Β
  • Search forΒ “City Tech – New York City College of Technology”
  • Click on “First Time Here? Activate Your Account
  • Enter your “.edu” City Tech email address
  • An email will be sent – Click on the Link in the email to create your password

Sounds like this app may be useful for connecting with your classmates and facilitating conversations about the class!Β